Recruitment of Graduate students and Postdocs

We are widely seeking graduate students and postdocs who desire to study plant-microbe interactions, especially mycorrhizal symbiosis and plant immunity in our laboratory. If you are interested in working in our laboratory, we welcome your contact by e-mail. We would be happy if you carefully read the below statements before contacting us.

(Important notice) For all applicants : In the e-mail for contact, please (1) mention the specific reasons why you selected our laboratory, not others, and (2) specify the details of the research topic you’d like to study in our laboratory, if possible, by citing our published papers.

For applicants to Japanese Government-funded international students

The MEXT scholarship, a Japanese Government-funded scholarship for international students, is generally for graduate levels. In particular, the candidates graduated in the universities enrolled in the list of International Agreements on Academic Exchange with Tottori University are welcome. About the details, please see the contents in the below link. If you hope to apply to the University recommendation, please make contact just before the application period stated in the below linked HP (Mid Nov. to late Nov.).

Caution: The number of slots for the University recommendation in our university is extremely limited; thus, it is highly competitive. If your graduated University is NOT enrolled in the list of International Agreements on Academic Exchange  with Tottori University, we recommend you consider other universities.

For applicants to postdocs

If no special announcement is available, please consider applying to JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan. The standard program is up to 2 years. We welcome research themes not only on current ones in our laboratory, but also on your original research. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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